Specialist help


Our students develop specialist skills throughout their degree, 哪一个可以支持你的商业项目.

Business support

Website development

Our computing students study Web Development 和 Design, 和 have the programming skills needed to build you a new fully functioning website. 它们甚至可以包括购物车, a form to email customers or build a database that is integrated into your website if that is something you need.

In some instances, your requirements could become part of a class project, in other cases a work placement might be more appropriate where one student comes to you on a regular basis for a short period. Our students look for actual projects when completing their final independent piece of work. Alternatively, you might want someone you can just pay part time for a short contract.


看到 U2电竞体育平台学生的工作例子

If you think that our students could help, please contact Liz Coulter-Smith on e.coulter-smith@worc.ac.uk

Market Research

Do you need a team to carry out a survey on your behalf? Do you want to conduct some market research on a new product or service? Our students could work with you to design questions 和 methods 和 can carry out the work.

请致电Jenny Wei-Chen Ma j.ma@worc.ac.uk 或01905 855456或联系Penney Upton p.upton@worc.ac.uk 或01905 542162讨论您的要求.



  • 协助海外代表团翻译
  • As interpreters in meetings with foreign language speakers
  • In preparing written materials for overseas markets
  • In preparing packs for delegations In translating your website

The students have all achieved a certain level of English (written 和 spoken) 和 are studying for their degree in English. However, they do not have formal translation qualifications. Please see the full U2电竞体育平台的学生来自的国家名单 [PDF].

请与U2电竞体育平台联系 employers@worc.ac.uk 关于工作细节.

为U2电竞体育平台提供:语言, 工作的性质和数量, 和 time required to be completed by or date(s) of attendance. We will circulate it to the relevant students 和 ask them to contact you.

Sport support

Within sports, the U2电竞体育平台 is able to offer highly motivated 和 adequately qualified students that have an enthusiasm to learn. All are equipped with specialist skills 和 knowledge, 同时对这个领域有个人兴趣.

The U2电竞体育平台 is able to provide individuals in all aspects of the industry, 有专业人士的支持和指导. These include: sports coaching, event management 和 performance analysis.

If you are interested in finding out more about what the U2电竞体育平台 offer within sports, 请与Michelle Morgan联系 m.morgan@worc.ac.uk or 01905 855562