Green Impact empowers individuals and departments to reduce their sustainability impacts by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating environmental improvements. Green Impact challenges departments to implement a number of easy, practical actions that will help positive impacts to society and the environment. 

For example, in getting involved with the initiative of how to be hedgehog friendly   

Green Impact Project

Green Impact Workbook

The logo for "Green Impact" next to the logo for the "National Union of Students."

The University’s annual Green Impact initiative 2021-22 has now been launched and if COP26 has fired your enthusiasm to support Sustainability this could be an ideal chance to make a difference. Your Teams can get help with their sustainability projects from a paid student and they can assist in coming up with ideas for suitable projects and delivering them for your department.

Green Impact is a change and engagement programme that aims to help staff to understand sustainability and social responsibility and give them ideas of what they can do to make a difference, as well as supporting them in achieving these actions. It also gives staff & students an opportunity to showcase their work at a national level.  Read here about how one GI Team won a national sustainability award recognising its work to educate staff, students and the wider community about the climate emergency. 

Watch some more examples of projects from last year.

Contact Katy Boom in the Sustainability Department if you would like to join Green Impact and start making your workplace more sustainable. Please register to the toolkit to download the project documents. If you are registering for the first time, you will need the registration code which is 37

This year’s awards have now closed – the Green Impact Award Ceremony takes place on 12 July 2022 where the 2021-22 winners will be announced.